Press.Pause.Play| A Review from the Design Indaba Filmfest

Being someone who got their chance to make something of their talent online to achieve notoriety, I was intrigued by the opportunity to go and see Press.Pause.Play at the Labia last night. I went to see the indie-docu-film as part of my annual period of creative inspiration that gets kicked off by the Design Indaba Filmfest. This year there is a massive selection of awesome films, following on from epic examples from street graffiti artist Banksy, which premiered at the DI Filmfest last year.

Press.Pause.Play or PPP as it will be referred to, is essentially a look into the effect of technology and the digital revolution on art, design, film, business and music. It looks at two sides to the digital coin- The one side owing to all the talent out there that is now able to promote their creativity at low cost to millions across the globe through social networks and platforms like Youtube. The other side of the coin is made up of examples of the immense white noise of creativity uploaded to the web by people who only think they’re creative because their mom has said so. These people often gain all of the attention that some of the true talent really miss out on because of the fickle nature of internet users and click-based popularity.

I only need to look to myself and the what we do here at MyCityByNight to see the true power of the digital world. However, for every MyCityByNight there is unfortunately 1000’s of boring space-wasters who are just adding to the clutter that is the world-wibe web. It was a rather sobering thought- and just the motivation I needed to keep working towards making a positive contribution to what was considered urban culture at this point in time. Whatever is delivered needs to be something worth-while of spending your time sifting through the noise.

If you’re at all interested in the digital revolution or other aspects of the digital world, I suggest you check out the PPP website and download the movie legally for free.


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