Premiere | Ambious Records presents AXIOM Vol. 1 (Out 19 Jan 2019)

After a very successful year in 2018, with amazing local and international talent bringing their best, Ambious Records begins 2019 with a serious compilation not to be taken lightly.

Premiere | Ambious Records presents AXIOM Vol. 1 (Out 19 Jan 2019)

AXIOM Vol. 1 is the first full length compilation by Ambious Records and showcases artists from all over South Africa and the world including tracks by Avi Subban, Deep Souls, DjangoZa, DJ Stallion, DR. 1MORE, Dusty Dukes, Khubu, Kuroten, Lawrence Dix, KVRVBO, Messive Muzik, Nick Supply, Okayshades & Phill Kullnig. A compilation of diversity of sound and texture, bringing together all that makes up the sound of Ambious Records.


  1. Avi Subban – Syko

  2. Deep Souls – Tranquilo

  3. DjangoZa – Feast & Famine

  4. DJ Stallion – Friction

  5. DR. 1MORE – In The House

  6. Dusty Dukes – Shakin

  7. Khubu – Sangoma

  8. Kuroten – Sakura

  9. KVRVBO – California

  10. Lawrence Dix – Skylark

  11. MKLY – Delta (Messive Muzik Remix)

  12. Nick Supply – 1951

  13. Okayshades – Surfing with Dolphins

  14. Phill Kullnig – Rollercoaster

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RELEASE DATE: 19/01/2019
LABEL: Ambious Records

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