Prank of the Week: Conjuring 2 Mirror Prank


Conjuring fans get a surprise visit from the Enfield Spirit

Enfield, England 1977, Ed and Lorraine Warren are called on to investigate what is known as today’s most well documented Poltergeist haunting ever. This is exactly what the Conjuring 2 is based on and to any big horror geek, a true story is the best story so it’s no wonder this film has become Australia’s most watched horror film.

For the premiere of the film, a group of Australian horror fans were invited to a private warehouse screening of the Conjuring 2.

The group were asked to stay behind after the screening to partake in a filmed interview and were shown to a room and asked to wait to get their hair and make up touched up. But this was no ordinary waiting room, little did these unsuspecting fans know that the evil spirit of the Enfield haunting awaited them.

Watch these horror geeks get the shit scared out of them. The last dudes reaction is classic!

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