Prank of the Week | Car Guard vs Criminal Experiment

Chris Genade is at it again....

Chris Genade is at it again – this time taking his pranks to another level altogether. This year he took his crazy antics to various parking lots around the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, more specifically Down South with good friend Thembi Ndlovu to see how alert and on call our car guards are during a day out in the office.

The results, for the most part, are unexpected and impressive, but most importantly, they show that our guards do actually keep a very close eye on our cars.

We hope you aren’t feeling too bad after that Muizenburg beatdown, Thembi, you champion!

Car Guard Vs Criminal Experiment

Car Guard Vs Criminal Experiment-Wanted to test if car guards would stop criminals from breaking into my car.Ft Thembi Ndlovu

Posted by Chris Genade on Wednesday, 31 January 2018

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