Prank of the Day | Jurrasic Carpark

Jurrasic Carpark

How would you feel if you colleagues lured you down into your company basement / carpark on your way only for a couple of laughs?

Well, Australian radio DJ’s and part-time pranksters, Hamish and Andy, got hold of what is known as the ‘most real life looking dinosaur, ever’ and decided this was the best way to make use of it, capturing every little reaction on film.


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Rumoured to have the blue-prints for Krang's TechnoDrome, stolen straight from Dimension X, he’s the type of guy who exudes so much coolness that he adds whole countries on Facebook at one time instead of just people. Always up for a party and a Tequila shot or two this is the guy who we always call first, both before and after a night out…