Prank of the Day – Guy tries to prank GF with side slice text, she gets stabby with scissors

cheating prank

You know the old saying about a woman scorned being generally one of the most scary things out there? Well the guy who tried to play this prank, had clearly never heard of that before when he attempted to trick his girlfriend into thinking that he had been cheating on her with a side slice who had been sending him all sorts of naughty texts. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend read the fake messages and then proceeded to go a little bit postal on his flatscreen TV with a pair of scissors before getting all of her stuff and leaving the apartment.

What a fail. Even though she was the one snooping through his phone, I still think he should have known better – if you’re a philanderer, chances are you’re going to get found out and have paint thrown on your car or something.

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