Prank Fail – Guy pretends to accidentally kill his kid infront of his wife

kill kid prank

Ok, I know that we literally post a minimum of one prank video a week, but I think this one really takes it a bit too far. As far as things go with me – pretending to throw your little kid boy over the balcony to his demise a floor below in front of your wife is a fairly terrible thing to do that isn’t really funny.

Considering what he’s just done, I think that prankster Roman Atwood’s wife reacts pretty calmly by banishing him to sleep on the couch. A lot of people (over 6 million) have already watched the prank, so presumably don’t really think this is that much of a big deal – people are weird.

What a dumb prank – killing your kids is never really funny (even though sometimes you feel like would, after experiencing the full wrath of a Fizzer-induced sugar rush).

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