Prank Of The Day| Guy Gets His Girlfriend’s Car Wrapped With Naked Pics Of Himself

Guy Gets His Girlfriend's Car Wrapped With Naked Pics Of Himself In The Prank Of The Day

naked prank wrap

I’m a little bit confused as to the background of this prank, as getting your girlfriend’s car fixed for a Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t seem like the most romantic thing that you could do, but I do still give him maximum props for creativity in the execution of the prank.

He convinces his girlfriend that he was going to get her car fixed at the local mechanics and instead went to a company that specialised in wrapping cars to create what can only be described as an absolutely horrific design featuring him half naked in various sexual poses, which he then applied to her car.

Understandably, she wasn’t exactly over the moon with his effort – mega lols!

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