Powerlines FC get beaten 24-0 by Sundowns & set new SA record (highlights)

On Sunday I watched South African Premier Soccer League leaders Mamelodi Sundowns literally dismantle Powerlines FC, setting a new record with a 24-0 victory in the Nedbank Cup.

Now I have played quite a bit of footy in my time and not even when our unbelievably unfit 5-aside team gets destroyed do we lose 24-0. Sundowns were up within the first 7 minutes and then continued to knock goals past a pretty hapless side with fairly terrible haircuts. If they worked just as hard on the pitch as they did styling their hair they would score more goals. Or even have less goals scored against them. Maybe.

To see how the previous 36 year record was smashed, check out the full… 8 minute long highlights package below. Shocking stuff

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    1. Haha. They were playing alright, until it got to the 6th minute. All downhill from there

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