Portugal vs DPR Korea… What a game!

Outside Cape Town Stadium

I was lucky enough to get down to the Cape Town Stadium to see my World Cup favourites Portugal take on the nuclear missile happy North Koreans… In typical Cape Town winter fashion- it was absolutely pouring for pretty much the entire day (forget cats and dogs, this was more like wildebeest and white rhinos).

Nonetheless, the weather didnt affect the spirits of the supporters- who were in full voice for the entire 7 goal thriller.

Ronaldo fans... generally quite horny

I sat about 5m from Ronaldo on the left wing in the first half and was going absolutely beserk everytime he broke forward and terrorised the Korean defenders with his dazzling array of tricks and flicks! He even scored an awesome diski-style goal, controlling a pass on his back before slotting it home- what a genius! (we all know he totally meant to do it as well, hehe).


Post match we popped off to Tequila Town to have a little warmer-upper before hitting a nice warm yummy shower at home.

Jess from Tequila hooking up a Blue Blazer

Tequila Town post match warmer-upper

At the end of the day- I was totally soaked from head to toe but ecstatic that I’d seen a little bit of World Cup history… Now for some flu meds and a mooiness to hook up a little vicks vapour rub (im a real baby when sick).

Ricky loves Portugal live at Cape Town Stadium

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  1. I wish it was the game I went to, would have loved to have seen some goals. I was only lucky enough to see a dismal 0 – 0 draw between England – Algeria. Hope you enjoyed it man!

  2. I got utterly soaked but it was well worth it!! 🙂

    Cool FB group you've got going there!

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