Pornhub Launch Futuristic Exhibition Featuring Adult Stars as Government Officials.

The mega adult entertainment conglomerate, PornHub has just announced that they will be launching a futuristic month-long exhibition.

The showcase is set in a utopian future where ultimately, sex rules all. The month-long installation will feature a space divided into seven rooms where life-size exhibits designed by Maggie West and Ryder Ripps will entice viewers to journey to the year 2069 where positions of power are governed by some of PornHub’s biggest stars and filmmakers such as Riley Reid, Abella Danger, Joanna Angel, and Asa Akira and more.


The immersive showcase will kick off in LA on July 14 2018 where Californians will get first-hand look at bureaucracy in a sexually positive world with rooms dedicated to the NSA, a complete mirrored room featuring eight security cameras with feeds from other exhibits like the Domination room (DMV) which is a cross between a BDSM dungeon and a bureaucratic government office!

Check out PornHub’s official statement below as well as some of the top exhibits expected to be on show next month.

“PornHub Nation imagines the world in 2069, where attention-grabbing eye-candy dominates the visual landscape and a milieu where sexuality runs free,” said co-creator Ryder Ripps. “As a frequent user of PornHub fantastic services, both within my “art” and “personal” practices, this project has been a lot of fun and ontologically stimulating. Come for the innate desire for human procreation, stay for the infinity mirrors and ball pit.”


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