POP CRIMES at Assembly | 13 May 2016

Get down to POP CRIMES at Assembly on 13 May 2016

In the latest music series to hit Assembly, we get to experience the awesomeness that is Pop Crimes. Join like minded party animals for a night of tequila shooters, splashed out sounds, fire-fuzz & bottomless boogie.
“When all the good got good and gone. And all the bad broke free…These were pop crimes.”


1. Dream Noise twins – Medicine Boy
2. Jo’burg Sungazers – Sol Gems
3. Mother City electronic-swag-alien & his eclectic record collection – Thor Rixon
4. As well as vinyl sets by the Psych Night gang.

Event Support by FutureNow & THE R.C.M | Artwork by Nena Maree


Tickets: Early Bird – R50 (Limited to 100)
Tickets: Cash at Door before 9:30 – R50
Tickets: Cash at Door after 9:30 – R60 


Not For Sale To Persons Under The Age Of 18. 


Medicine Boy http://www.medicineboy.bandcamp.com
Sol Gemshttps://soundcloud.com/sol-gems
Thor Rixonhttps://soundcloud.com/thorrixon
Psych Nightwww.psychnight.com

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Sol Gems

Celebrating psychedelic sounds of the past & shaping spaced-out grooves of the future, SOL GEMS are in town for one night only to join the bill for POP CRIMES.

The band are currently busy recording their debut album & “trying not to lose their minds”.

Don’t miss ‘em. They’re fire.

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Thor Rixon

Thor Rixon experiments extensively with live and electronic sound production. RIXON makes use of interesting and often strange acoustic instrumentation to capture unheard sounds and soundscapes in his productions and musical compositions. His live performances are always fresh; with an emphasis on deep and rolling dance music that will make any dance floor erupt, with a mixture of organic samples, insect-like high hats & clattering drums are like nothing you would have heard before.

When in contact with Rixon’s music, you will most certainly move in the weirdest of ways at POP CRIMES.

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Psych Night

For close to three years PSYCH NIGHT, in close collaboration with VANS SOUTH AFRICA, has provided a platform for artists to showcase their weird & wonderful sights & sounds to audiences around the country. 

With four international tours behind their backs – namely ALLAH-LAS , BLACK LIPS, NIGHT BEATS & GOLDEN ANIMALS – they assure us “The best is yet to come. Soon(ish).”

They’ll be spinning some of their favourite records, setting the tone – and the drone – for POP CRIMES.

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