Police to pose as prostitutes


In the wake of the launch of Cape Town’s Vice squad, designed to get prostitutes and their clients off of the streets, the City of Cape Town has announced a new plan to beef up their efforts in this regard.

As part of the crackdown that begin a little bit more than a month ago, female Metro Police are to pose as prostitutes in an attempt to bust sex workers’ clients with their pants down (so to speak). 

Rudolf Wiltshire, the City Chief of Specialised Law Enforcement Services said that 20 staff would work on the project with 10 of them taking to the streets. These individuals would trade their already unflattering Metro Police uniforms for more risqué items regularly adorned by other queens of the night. Officers were drawn from permanent Metro Police staff members who were “specifically selected for this function” 

Wiltshire went on to say that these individuals had “attributes that are conducive for this function which requires high ethical norms and values and a good understanding of the social issues of sex workers.” I’m still not too sure whether he was calling his colleagues loose or if this was just a very poor choice of words. 

Thus far 112 sex workers had been fined for soliciting and SWEAT’s (Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce) Vivienne Lalu said that “random arrests failed to address real crimes and those criminals who capitalise on sex workers, but caused the industry to be driven further underground.”

The verdict is still out for me on this approach… I’d love to see little Johnnie attempt to explain to his classmates why his mum was standing on a corner in Green Point dressed like a hooker on Saturday night. Oi…

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