Police Officer helps man light massive joint

cop helps guy light massive joint

In what is surely the most heart-warming news of the week, we usher in this Friday with a video of a scene that you’d think was straight out of a teen comedy. However, this particular bit of video is 100% unscripted, originating from an event in Washington called the NW Harvest Fest where a bunch of stoners got together to celebrate the fact that their state had decriminalised marijuana and now made lighting spliffs in the park, worrying about the long arm of the law, a thing of the past.

In order to make it a genuine celebration the stoners decided to roll a 2 pound joint dipped in hash oil and while struggling to light it, had the help of a local cop to get it started. While lighting the spliff with a blowtorch (I don’t think a normal lighter would have cut it) the cop blows on it, kindly helping the whole event get really stoned (apparently they smoked the whole joint). I’m still not 100 percent sure what the background music is all about, but this video definitely shows what some liberal politics can do for society.

Good on you Mr.Policeman!

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