Pole dancer’s audition tape for Rihanna’s Pour It Up is insane

pole dancer rihanna audition

As part of a teaser Rihanna released a video of an audition tape from her “Pour It Up” music video, that features some rather exceptional skills from Nicole “The Pole” Williams. Nicole, in case you hadn’t noticed is an exotic dancer with some down right unbelievable skill and strength which at one point sees her basically standing on the ceiling, slapping her butt.

The audition tape footage is spliced with that of Rihanna’s actual video content, rumored to be released later this week and I’m assuming by this video that Nicole “The Pole” Williams got the job. “Pour It Up” is the third single from Rihanna’s Unapologetic album and in the video for it she is set to play a showgirl (check the pic she tweeted below).

rihanna-pour it up

Let’s just say that I got a little bit more excited about seeing her live again in SA later this month after watching this video (let’s hope Nicole comes too!).

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