Point Break Official Trailer

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It was 25 years ago that the original was made, and it was a true classic! It was the surf movie that changed the way in which most people viewed surfing and lets be honest, it’s the movie that made you want to be a bank robbing surfer, chasing the ultimate wave.

So enter the re-make/new version re-make/god knows what with the same character names and title name.

I have to say, based on this trailer, its more like a James Bond, Mission Impossible movie crossed with an awesome extreme sport Red Bull production. Now don’t get me wrong, thats not to say it’s a bad mix, its just that they may as well have called it a new movie title with different characters.

Why you ask?

Well it’s rather simple, Point Break was and always will be a generation defining movie that was and is a true epic, this on the other hand is no more than a skop, skit en donder flik, which as I said is all fine and well, but don’t ruin the great name and heritage of a true classic!

My opinion, Patrick Swayze is turning in his grave and Keanu Reeves and Gary Busey are drowning their sorrows. If you want to know why, just watch the full movie after the trailer.

You decide for yourself though.


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