P!nk Dances with Channing Tatum In Beautiful Trauma Video

P!nk Dances with Channing Tatum in Beautiful Trauma video

The Grammy winner dances alongside Channing Tatum in this stereotype-defying music video for her Album title track “Beautiful Trauma.”

The video begins as they wake up in a bedroom boasting all-pink everything. Flash forward to Tatum reading the newspaper on the couch while Pink assumes the role of ’50s housewife, cleaning the room and cooking breakfast. She then swallows a handful of pills and holds the bottle close to her heart and calling it, “My love, my love, my drug.”

The video has a little bit of everything: morning wood, his and hers sleeping masks, a cupboard full of pills, Channing wearing a mustard yellow shirt which shouldn’t look good on anyone (but he makes it work), Channing playing dress up, Pink channeling her inner Ana from Fifty Shades (when Ana’s in the Red Room), and dancing. Oh, the dancing.

Check it out below:

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