Playtopia Interview | Hanna Fogelberg

Just over two weeks to go until gamers, developers and event-goers can revel in 3-days of local and international indie games, eye-melting interactive digital art and a killer music line up at PLAYTOPIA (MGA) 2019.

We turn our attention to the speakers who’ll be providing key insight into the global gaming industry and how South Africans can find their way through it. We sat down with Hanna Fogelberg from Landfall Games to find out more about her role in the gaming industry, how she got to that point and some insight into the African gaming space.

Introducing Hanna Fogelberg

MCBN: Thanks for taking the time to chat to us Hanna, we’re excited to see you at Playtopia in December – tell us a little bit about your background in the gaming industry

I’ve been in the games industry for a little more than three years and got recruited into it by Landfall. I had been doing communications and community for a game and cosplay event in Sweden for a while already and moving into the game’s industry made perfect sense.

MCBN: You’re currently the CCO at Landfall Games. Can you tell us what a day at Landfall looks like?

No day is the same! We’re constantly iterating on the game which changes my entire strategy for communication on my part and what everyone else is doing as well. A lot of my day is spent talking to our players and channelling their ideas, suggestions, and criticism so that the developers know how their changes will be perceived by the community.

MCBN: What has been your favourite project to work on to-date? Landfall has worked on some really incredible projects since their inception

TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator) without a doubt! The community is so creative and it’s a fun game, we get to play around with it a lot and come up with new crazy characters.

MCBN: Do you see Africa as a viable option for the global gaming industry to be looking at developing and investing their time and money in? Events like Playtopia are really making a difference in bringing creatives down South and providing us locals with the tools to understand the global industry.

Absolutely, there is so much creativity and lots of new perspectives that we need in the industry. I hope we will see a lot more investment in the African game scene soon!

MCBN: If you could give African gamers and developers alike advice on the industry, what would you leave them with?

Create your own path, the ones others have taken may no longer be available but new doors open all the time.

MCBN: What made you decide to move into the gaming space, have you always had an interest in gaming and arts? Let us know where it all began for you?

I’m a former art major and a life-long nerd so when I got the chance to work in games I jumped at it as it’s an intersection of both!

MCBN: Any last words for the people of Playtopia? See you in Cape Town early next month, Hanna.

Well, I’m super excited to meet you all! Playtopia is one of my favorite conferences and Cape Town is a joy to visit.



Hanna Fogelberg is the community manager/peasant handler at Landfall Games. Landfall is an indie studio based in Stockholm and the makers of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Clustertruck and Stick Fight. She also runs communication for Wings Interactive – an unconventional publisher focusing on funding diverse teams. 


Delegate and festival ticket holders can look forward to exhibitions by some of South Africa’s top interactive artists, 30+ alternative games, a Super Friendship Arcade room with games played on custom controllers as well as VR rooms.

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