Playstation 4 is here on June 10th 2013


In the latest teaser video from Sony you can see exactly what the upcoming Playstation 4 is going to look like. Ok, not really. This video is pretty much aimed at getting virtually every game-console-loving soul on the planet rather excited for the launch of the heavily spec’d PS4 on June 10 2013.

The console has been designed with a strong focus towards sharing of gaming achievements and the absolute control of your tv as an all-round media device, yet nobody is quite sure how it’s going to look just yet. However, given the nature of this industry, it might be advisable to wait a bit before running out to purchase one, given the standard teething process that is part and parcel of game console development.

sony ps 4

I really hope our South African internet gets a whole lot cheaper and faster by then…

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