Playboy Bunny Search at Vauderville/Fez!

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On the 13th May at Vaudeville, the Fez Club will be holding the CT leg of the National Bunny Search (Oh yeah, I couldn’t think of a better venue for this event) and ticket prices will be R100 for normal entrance. VIP entrance for this event will be R200 which will include bubbly and snack with your own designated area. I reckon a VIP treatment for an event like this could be off the hook, MOOINESS everywhere, free bubbly and your own private area of one of the hottest clubs in Cape Town at the moment


This party will be held for the 50th anniversary of the Playboy Bunny Club. There are 5 cities (Cape Town, JHB, Pretoria, Durban, PE) that will be taking part in the National Bunny Search with 10 girls being chosen in each city. At the party in each city, we will choose 2 girls and in the end the 10 girls are flown to CT for the main party on the 10 June. Obviously the main event gets held in Cape Town – hottest chicks, best clubs and raddest people, true story!


Hugh Hefner, you champion…

Keep your eyes on the blog from Friday for a competition we’ll be running where you can win tickets to go this amazing event at an even more amazing club, Vauderville/Fez. We’ll be giving away 2 or 3 tickets for this, I got no doubt this event is going to be ridiculously off the hizzle. Mooiness, Booze, an Awesome Venue and Cape Town’s party people can only mean one thing, a great night out!

Playboy Bunnies for the win!

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