Plastic Fantastic – The Relaunch: 9th of April


Plastic Fantastic is BACK!

It seems like there are going to be some big changes on Friday at Chevelle now seeing as though Plastic Fantastic is relaunching. Cheaper Entrance, Drinks Specials, no DRESS CODE, new entrance through the Temple  (Commercial Street) which is just around the corner from Chevelle. Mooks will be doing some give aways throughout the night which is pretty sick! As you can see on the flyer, the line up is pretty sick:

★ STRAWBERRY DISCO LEOPARD (Future Disco with Live Vox)
★ EL GORDO (Electro)

★ LILPHIL (Jacking Techno)
★ AUDIOPHILE (Progressive Tech)

GIRLS- 18 / GUYS – 20 (ID / Drivers License Required)

Check out AudioPhiles 021 fanpage (here) for some of his beats.

See you ALL next Friday and dont forget, next week is such a short week, BOOM!

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  1. you are right Miss Kitty 🙂

    Looks like Friday nights are going to fresh and kicking down at Chevelle in the next couple of months.

    I personally am liking the line up ALOT!

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