Planking- Please dont try this at home

If up until this point you had never before heard of something called planking then you have been rather blessed. Unfortunately, that is all about to change. I am taking a stand… people have started to die from planking and its just not funny anymore. This is a public service announcement and plea for your safety.

A few months, if not years back Facebook and the internet was littered with a bunch of fairly rebellious, non-cause owning youth that had started planking. What the hell is planking you ask?! Well as it’s name suggests, planking involves lying face down (resembling a plank, a duh) and posing in rather unusual locations where a planked person would normally be inappropriate (not MCBN HQ after a big night out).

Where the trend started becoming equally as unacceptable as practicing WWE wrestling moves at home, is when an Australian man died after trying to attempt planking on the balcony of a 7 story building. Now I am all for a bit of fun but this is all just too extreme.

These youth have further developed the trend into a far more terrifying alternative to planking… Owling, involving peeps posting pics of themselvesĀ  squatting and staring into the distance, much like owls.

Yes… this is a real thing that exists. Yes… I am deeply saddened by it.

If you must join the rest of nutters and show your support, Planking has an Official Facebook fanpage with over 180 000 fans growing each hour. Where’s the link you say??? Well that my friend… that… you are going to have to get yourself.

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  1. dont sat people must stop planking!!! noooooooooooooooooooo!!! let them plank, and let them die. its one less goddamned fucking idiot in the gene-pool

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