Plane crash survivor takes selfie & records his plummet with a GoPro

plane crash selfie

If I were ever in the unfortunate situation where the plane that I was on started falling from sky, I’m not sure that I’d be doing a whole lot of thinking about getting it all on camera, but in the case if Ferdinand Puentes, this wasn’t the case. Ferdinand had enough gusto to whip out a camera and film everything as his plane went town over the Pacific ocean last month.

While the rest of the passengers panicked, prayed and got into the brace position, he whipped out his GoPro camera and started snapping selfies and the plane crashing into the water. Unfortunately, one person was killed in the crash –

“Seeing the water coming up real fast, the splash down when we hit the water,” It just bit into me like am I dreaming?”

– said Puentes

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