Plan Your Summer Festival Agenda Like A Pro


In case you hadn’t noticed, Summer is here, the dead giveaway? Not sunny skies or beach bods, but festivals aplenty, in your feeds, in your inboxes, on your friend’s lips and (less common nowadays) on your windscreen.

Our local festival and event scene has grown significantly in the last decade or so. In the recent past, South Africans barely saw a show, much less an international artist, only the likes of OppiKoppi, Daisies and a handful of underground trance parties hosting some “names” here and there. That’s changed and today we’re spoiled for choice with up to three festivals on any given weekend in Summer.

Just take a look at our facebook event page, or better yet our 2018/2019 Festival Calendar. It’s cooking this season! With so many parties to choose from and ticket prices always on the rise, how do you plan your personal party agenda and make sure you attend the best of both the BIG festivals while still managing to soak up a few of the smaller ones too?

It’s important to understand what goes into your festival experience, after all, it’s more than just the lineup and venue that the promoter needs to secure. An international band or massive DJ will obviously hike your ticket price (the Rand doesn’t go very far when turned into Dollars, Euros or Pounds), then take into consideration all the small details that are often missed or taken for granted: Curation, Decoration, Logistics, Bars, Toilets, Staging, Lighting, Visuals, Health & Safety, Access & Layout, Parking, Traffic Control, Waste Management and City Approval to name just a few, you’ll see that some of the biggest festivals in South Africa are in fact well priced.

Take Ultra, for example, the worldwide event (taking place in Cape Town and Jozi since 2014) is known for bringing the world’s biggest DJs and producers to our doorstep. If you consider what the price of a ticket to see just their 2019 headliner, The Chainsmokers would cost you’d probably be in for around R800 for that concert, instead, they are the first act announced for next year, can you even imagine the costs? Suddenly R500 – R1500 doesn’t feel so expensive, then add on all the other bits they bring every year to Ultra, large-scale world-class stage production, massive LED screens, gorgeous dancers, pyro, special effects, the Voice of Ultra, along with that massive lineup across multiple floors, at what has got to be a ridiculously fair price, all of which contributes to your ultimate experience.

Look at Bazique Festival (a newcomer to the scene, debuting last March) who pulled off an impressive wonderland filled with six artsy stages and a long list of local and international artists. This three-day festival hit the ground running last year at less than R700 for a weekend pass. What an absolute steal!

Appreciating how an event organiser comes down to their ticket price has to be key to choosing your festivals wisely. Armed with that knowledge and teamed with our tips on planning your party calendar – we promise this summer will be unforgettable.


Firstly snapping up those early bird tickets are so important! Buying early phase tickets means you’ll be saving money on full price entrance and planning ahead! It could also mean you’ll be helping the organisers lock in their International Artists or even an additional one.


Let’s be real – one night out on the town is easily the same cost as one or more tickets to a big festival. You can’t complain about tickets prices if your Friday night tab alone is the price of 3 tickets to Spiltmilk.


If it’s bumpy month and the cash flow’s not there – consider entering one of the many competitions we have running. Winning a competition is a great way to add a smaller party to your festival calendar without having to pay for the ticket leaving more room to save for those bigger more expensive parties.

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