Pioneer Next Level DJ Competition

Dj-ing has come a very long way since the days of vinyl… Much like the rest of the World, dj-ing has also made the progression into the digital world, replacing classic vinyl with 1’s and 0’s.

Some may argue that the more digital things become, the further we move away from dj-ing as an art form. I tend to agree, up until the point where you are required to drag along your vinyl record box from club to club.

Pioneer have always been pioneers (sorry I couldnt resist) in the world of the dj and they have continued this focussed excellence with a neat little piece of kit called the DDJ T1 which makes it possible for just about anybody to mix beats. It’s all digital these days and Pioneer DJ makes it possible to turn your laptop into the Ultimate DJ weapon with the DDJ-T1 Controller valued at R 15,000.

Not too sure how it all works? Check out the video below:


Pioneer Dj and BPM have teamed up and are giving away one of these little guys in exchange for you completing 5 very easy steps found on the website below:

Its a serious bit of kit as far as the world of high tech and modern DJ-ing goes and is well worth a little look- Go on… get armed for battle!

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  1. As the cuts and bruises from dragging my crates of vinyl slowly become a thing of the past, I prepare myself for the next level mix. I know the dudes/lasses from Pioneer will feel my pain and assist this old school rocker to the next level. The days of replacing diamond tip needles for 4gig flash disks seems like heaven and hell as the thoughts of taking it easy captivate my creativity as subtle beats and shallow bass replace the nostalgic sound of scratching vinyl. My preparation is done and I’m ready to take off, step aside new-school as the old-school rocker gets busy with the digital divide………..Everyday I’m shuffling

    1. Nice one rhyan! Make sure you drop this on their FB fan page as well… Killer prize right?! 🙂

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