Pimp My Reich – The weirdest & most offensive thing you’ll see on the net this week

pimp my reich

Well, there really is no reason for this video – as in I couldn’t find a single angle for the creation of a weird Pimp My Ride hybrid featuring Hitler doing bizarre things called Pimp My Reich. The video features a drag race between Hitler and Staling along with what appears to be a battle between the German Third Reich ruler and an Anime star.

Pimp My Reich is testament to the fact that being connected with each other and being able to share things at the click of a button thanks to technology results in strange things that make no sense captivating the hearts and minds of thousands of people. Ok maybe I’m being kind – this video is honestly the weirdest and possibly the most offensive thing you’ll see on the net this week.

Watch the clip below and let me know if you manage to work out what the plot of Pimp My Reich actually is because I’m certainly still rather confused (Why does Hitler hate Anime?).

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