Piers Morgan gets smashed by Brett Lee’s fast balls in a nets session

Piers Morgan vs Brett Lee cricket

I’m a fan of Piers Morgan simply because of his outspoken nature and the fact that he really couldn’t give two shits about upsetting one or two of the bigger sports stars with his extreme armchair sport commentary. After a particularly dismal Ashes series for the English, Piers went on to lambaste almost all of the British players, saying that they didn’t even have the first clue of how to be a professional cricketer and that he could probably do a better job than they did against the pace attack of the Australian bowlers.

Former Aussie fast bowling legend Brett Lee then decided to call good old Piersy out, challenging him to a session in the nets, just to show how tough the English batsmen actually had it. Being the cocky guy that he is, Mr Morgan agreed to do it and what followed was some of the best viewing an Aussie cricket fan could hope for. Piers remains pretty sure of himself after being absolutely battered by Brett Lee for an over, which is pretty commendable. The list of injuries he suffered included: a cracked wrist, bruised rib, and massive welt (egg) on the back of his head. Amazing.

Hats off to Piers Morgan for having the balls to do this – maybe in future he’ll think twice about tuning professional sportsmen (not likely).

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  1. OMG…WOW… this is FUNNY !

    Going to send it to my DAD (he’s a big cricket-fan)…

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