Pierewaaier Dans – The worst SA music video ever

Pierewaaier Dans

Every now and again I watch someone South African making a fool of themselves on the internet. Today that fool is the guy in this video.

The video is more absurd than the actual lyrics of the song and features some girls (who I’m convinced are underage) some Afrikaans dudes doing what I assume is what Afrikaans dudes from this part of South Africa do. Here’s the description of the video in Afrikaans:

Jan Pierewaaier gaan kuier saam sy pelle met sy Ford bakkie en boere hoed. Sexy meisies by die klub hou nie van sy kleredrag en dans nie. Sy pelle trek hom beter aan en hy raak die katjie van die baan terwyl almal die pierewaaier dans doen saam Hans Drom op sy dromme! Pierewaaier beteken windgat in Nederlands.

Which when translated means – oh fuck, who cares… just watch the video and be amazed.

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  1. What the serious fuck?
    Maybe it’s supposed to be ironic. Maybe it’s just kak.
    Maybe I should never have clicked play and then my eyeballs wouldn’t be bleeding now.

    Actually, in the race to the bottom it’s a dead heat between this and Dirk van der Westerhuizen’s magnum oupoes (sic), Supercool.
    This was a track so bad they actually took it off YouTube.

    Of course, the internet never forgets:

  2. Wasn’t sure what the Afrikaans translated to … but I checked out the youtube video : his video made me laugh …

    28 462 views : 41 likes, 253 dislikes since video uploaded 29 March 2013
    “Comments are disabled on this video”

    Wonder what would have happened if he had `comments enabled’ …

  3. This guy is an idiot, just to sum it up the English translation of the title is “Playboy dance”, enough said… I looked up other videos of him and just found one or two of him performing in front of unimpressed crowds, that was it. Hopefully this is his last music video. If you don’t speak Afrikaans and didn’t understand the lyrics, then you are lucky. They are terrible.

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