Pick n Pay joins forces with top South African musos to send a friendly message: Don’t Panic Buy!

The day has come, as from midnight today the entire country will be on lockdown for 21 days. As you can only imagine and as most of you have already witnessed, the shops are bustling with panic buyers stocking up for what seems like a mini apocalypse. But it’s not. Lockdown is a precautionary measure (a major one of course) to ensure an actual apocalypse doesnt ensure.

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But what many South Africans don’t seem to understand, is that while we are going into lockdown and virtually no business will be operational the supply of food and goods will be abundant. If there is any cause for a shortage of products in the country it will be at the hands of panic buyers, not supply chains. And to get this very simple message across to the public, Pick n Pay have joined creative forces with some of South Africa’s top musicians to create a catchy tune to remind us all NOT to panic buy and to be more considerate of those who are actually in need.

Take a listen/watch below and read more on the latest COVID-19 news right here.

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