Petrol Price increase at midnight!


Hey boys and girls- fresh on the heels of the last increase comes yet another rise in the price of petrol.

You can expect to be paying 14 cents a litre more for petrol, while diesel prices will rise by about 4 percent on 5th May, the government said on Friday.

The department of energy said in a statement the pump price for 95 grade petrol will rise to 8.72 rand a litre in the main inland commercial region. The wholesale diesel price will be 7.81 rand a litre in the same province, that includes Johannesburg and capital Pretoria.

Apparently all of the increases are due to the fact that South Africa is a net importer of oil and thus adjusts its fuel price each month to account for changes in the rand exchange rate, the international oil price and government levies.


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  1. It does suck terribly… imagine how those guys who bought Chevy Lumina SS's are feeling right now. Those things do like 50 litres per 100kms *ouch*

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