Peter Crouch does the robot in Ibiza

peter crouch robot

Peter Crouch is one of those really interesting characters. I’ve always thought he was a bit too gangly to be properly effective as a footballer, but the big guy has proven me wrong on many occasion over the years, scoring some absolute crackers. Unfortunately, with these goals came his absolutely ridiculous “robot” dance move goal celebration. The dance started popping up everywhere from football pitches to tvs:

After having a super shit World Cup, Crouch retired the robot, vowing to only bring it out if he scored in a World Cup or Champions League final (hahahahahahahahaaha – like that’s going to happen). Anyways, the point of this article is that he lied. Crouch was spotted while out with his mooiness Abby Clancy in Ibiza doing the robot, looking like he might have taken a pill or too. The video is undoubtedly made better by the commentary from the clearly rushing film-maker. When in Rome right?

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