Pete Tong gives shout-out to Ricky Bynight & hints about SA tour

Pete Tong is part of electronic music culture having been one of the major personalities involved in spreading the dance music gospel to the corners of the Earth. He is called the Pied-Piper of dance music and is often referred to as Mr Pete Tong out of sheer respect for everything that he’s done for the scene over the past 20 years. Naturally, it was a pretty big deal for me when I was listening to last week’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Selection and I heard Pete give a little shout-out to me.

After dropping a rather tasty track Pete went on to dedicate the track to Me and the rest of the South African crew as well as mention the fact that we’d all get the chance to see him play live in our backyards soon (this came after me badgering the shit out of him to consider SA as a destination for a bit of a party and broadcast). Listen to the set below and catch the shout-out just after 28 mins or so into the set. I can’t wait to see Pete down here in SA, how about you?

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