PES 2012 vs FIFA12- Ronaldo vs the World


Just last week Konami Digital Entertainment announced that the world’s 2nd most expensive player (now that Samuel Eto has moved to Russia to ply his trade) & one of my favourite footballers, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, is going to be the face of PES 2012. The Galactico midfielder will appear on all packaging and marketing materials, with KONAMI also confirming release dates for the forthcoming PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), PlayStation®2 and Wii™ versions of the game.

PES 2012 is released for PlayStation®3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC on October 15th, and KONAMI announced that the PSP® and PlayStation®2 versions will follow on October 28th with the Wii™ game to follow on November 4th. The publisher has also confirmed that versions for Nintendo 3DS and iOS formats and also in development, with firm dates to follow.

This has ignited the age old debate of PES vs FIFA with the latter opting to use a selection of players to represent the brand rather than one starlet only.


Press acclaim for the game has been universally positive for PES 2012, with the key additions of Teammate Control – where players can prompt runs or control two players at once – and the Active AI system that ensures teammates work to create space and make key attacking and defensive runs.

“I have long admired the PES series, but what KONAMI has achieved this year is remarkable,” Ronaldo enthused. “Football is all about teams working together and making assists and runs that create attacking opportunities. KONAMI has recreated this perfectly, and PES 2012 is a brilliant simulation of a real match. If you know football, you are going to want to spend some time with this amazing game.”

I am a bit of a FIFA fan myself and will have to get a review up once I’ve had a chance to play both games…

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    1. Um, not confirmed yet Matt but expect it to be out end October/Early Nov ’11

    1. We’re going to have to see if that’s the case after both these games are released The Regarder… I have a feeling this year Pro Evo might have more a shout at being number 1…

  1. Pro footballers are not “starlet’s” as much as they act like them on the field..

  2. Fifa is much better then PES. Graphichs is better,its more intersting and harder to play. I play Fifa at my PS3 and PES on my PS3 and i see many bad things on PES and many great things on FIFA

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