Personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 9 & 10 | Flower Power – Budding Time

Week 9 and week 10 have been the most exciting time for us during our personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly – our plants have come to the end of their stretching period and all the developing bud sites are finding their own way towards the light – our California Lightworks SolarSystem 550.

Coming to the end of week 10, we started seeing our first show of visible trichomes, something that gets me personally excited. The sugary tops and bud structure are starting to take shape and we couldn’t be more excited with how healthy and happy our ladies are.

The flowering phase is always the most exciting for most growers, the ladies stretch, they buff up, strengthen and prepare themselves to start budding, it’s fascinating to observe. Using the pre-flower light spectrum on the California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 allowed us to promote less of the red spectrum during the first two weeks. Then during week 9 & 10, we flipped that around and pushed the red spectrum back up to full blast and dropped the red down to 60%, which immediately made a difference for the ladies and they started budding immediately. Once again, we had the Zootly team on hand to follow up and make sure we were following the photoperiod and light spectrums on the California Lightworks correctly.

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In the first 8 weeks, we covered the basics from technical setup and understanding the value of quality lighting to germination, sowing (or skipping that completely) to the importance of airflow, humidity, topping, nutrient imbalances, nutrient lockout all the way through to the flowering photoperiod and more which you can read all about right here.

With the move into flowering, we decided to get our plants some new feed and change things up a bit. Enter Mega Solutions, a nutrient feed we got from our friends at HydroBiz along with some AminoFix (containing 21 Amino Acids to help combat stress and promote the production of cannabinoids & terpenes). We mentioned last week that we got our scrog net from Zootly, but forgot to mention that we also got some Calmag. This gave our budding plants the comprehensive feed they need and the response to our new nutrient fusion has been phenomenal.

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Zootly Tip | Something you might not know is that overfeeding can lead to smaller crop yields, smaller buds, and bad tasting cannabis. Our recommendation is to always check the pH before adding more nutrients. A major sign that you’re being far too liberal with the plant food is the yellowing of new shoots. Note: yellowing of the oldest leaves is pretty standard at this stage of their lives, think of it as your cannabis’s hair turning grey. Just trim them off, after all, it’s nice to have a pretty plant

We’ve popped through to Zootly a few times and snuck a sample of Atami’s Bloombastic nutrient which we’re gearing up to use in week 11 and 12, this little sample is a high-quality cocktail of bio-minerals and bio-stimulators that is suitable for the last flowering and ripening phase, Bloombastic increases the sugar content of your crop and therefore the weight and the smell which every grower wants and desires, I assume.

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Defoliation is something I dreaded (at first I thought I was hurting the plant like a noob) but come end of week 10, it became necessary and important to do this as the undergrowth and smaller bud sites end up becoming a waste of energy for the plant where they should be focussing on the top buds and strongest potential kolas on the plant. At the end of week 10, each plant got a full haircut, in fact, a complete undercut. The bottom arms, small bud sites and any buds and arms that hadn’t fully developed were chopped and removed. We used the technique we mentioned in our previous article called ‘lollipopping’ and pruned out the bottom and inner branches and leaves.

Zootly Tip | When defoliating your plant, always trim the dying leaves, inner and bottom leaves first as well as older leaves since younger ones photosynthesize better. Leaves that shade or cover bud sites should be also be removed.

Lollipopping is the technique of removing the lower growth on your plants to promote better bud development higher up. By eliminating competing growth, energy is directed to the main kola sites.”

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