Personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 7 & 8 | Recovering from lockout and pre-flowering

Week 7 and week 8 were an eye-opener on our cannabis cultivation journey with Zootly – our plants have now stretched and been put onto a 12-hour light cycle, pushing them into the first week of the pre-flowering period. This wasn’t until they were healed from their nutrient imbalances and 100% ready to go into flowering.

Let’s just say we had a little scare, okay fine I lie, it was a tormenting few days after we found out we were on the verge of a nutrient lockout as mentioned in our previous article. If not treated soon, a lockout could have dire consequences for your grow. Luckily and with the assistance of Zootlty’s team and website, we detected deterioration early on and managed to treat it.

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In the first 6 weeks, we covered the basics from technical setup and understanding the value of quality lighting to germination, sowing (or skipping that completely) to the importance of airflow, humidity, topping, nutrient imbalances, nutrient lockout and more which you can read all about right here.

In the last update, we mentioned we had nutrient deficiencies which we thought we had under control, little did we know our ladies were about to fully ‘lockout’. Nutrient lockout also called “nutrient lock,” occurs when your cannabis plant cannot take up the nutrients that are in the soil and its roots begin to rot or deteriorate. This is usually caused by overfeeding, pH variations, or other stresses on your cannabis plant.

Once the issue was singled out, we got to work, flushing them with a large amount of clean water and gave them a day to rest, before doing the same thing 24 hours later. The results were almost immediate and after the second flushing and the babies started to respond quickly. From there, we pushed a full week of Bio-Grow nutrients through them and watched them flourish. Take note, using certain nutrients will change the PH of your water. We invested in a mini-PH pen as well as some PH up and down and it has well been worth it! Also, ALWAYS make sure your pants ‘run through’ with water properly when you feed them.

Zootly Tip | Check out Zootly’s Hoot on their website and join their Facebook grow group for more tips and advice to keep your plants thriving.

It was time to give them a prune before going into pre-flower, using a trim technique called ‘Lollipopping’. “Lollipopping” means removing bottom growth (which isn’t getting enough light) so that plant focuses on bud sites at the top and allow them to generate the most grow into the pre-flower period – this is also meant to take place about 3 weeks into flowering, so the plant can focus on their major bud points, specifically. All four ladies got a solid trim which you’ll see below. Now that our pruning was complete, it was finally time to switch from 18/6 lighting to 12/12 – twelve hours of light and twelve hours of the night.

Image: Google | Example of where to trim your plants for the ‘Lollipop effect’

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We were warned how quickly they’d grow during the pre-flower period, but nothing could come close to seeing it with your own two eyes. For the last 7 weeks, these babies have been nurtured from sickness to health and now into thick, lush monsters. Week 8’s growth spurt was the most impressive and we are stoked to say we officially have a ‘sea of green’ ladies and gentle-dudes.

To keep our watering situation to a minimum effort, we had a simple and cost-effective watering trough built by a buddy which allows for effortless drainage which you can see in our pictures below.

Next up, we’ll be purchasing our ‘Scrog Net’ from A scrog net will not only support your colas during flowering but il also allows you to stretch your plant ensuring maximum light reach all nooks and cranny AND promotes healthy airflow!

Zootly Tip | A trim before flowering is good for your plants but you’ll want to leave your lady to grow as much as possible during the first two weeks of flowering – known as the pre-flower stage- to best determine which colas have monster potential and which you can trim away.

Take a look at some highlights from our past two weeks below and follow our grow diary on Instagram – @readysetgrowza – for daily and weekly updates. All products in this review can be purchased them of Facebook for more product information and join their Grow Club for exclusive, first-hand growing advice.

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