Personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 5 and 6 – Imbalances and FIMming

Personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 5 and 6 – Imbalances and FIMming

Week five and six of our cannabis cultivating journey with Zootly is done and the past two weeks have been an even bigger learning curve than our initial journey. Over a fortnight we’ve gone through a few imbalances in our medium with both our magnesium and calcium being the culprits. We broke one kola, learned of the power of Epsom salts (good and bad) and how your tap water’s PH may be harming your plants.

In the first few weeks, we covered the basics from technical setup and understanding the value of quality lighting to germination, sowing (or skipping that completely) to the importance of airflow, humidity, topping and more which you can read all about right here.

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Grow Update | Day 28 🌱💣 The babies are growing happily. The two topped plants (Front Left – Miss USA 🇺🇸 and Front Right – Glueberry OG) have started growing back at a rapid pace. . We noticed a bit of 'clawing' in the leaves. We have removed all nute feed and quickly lifted the light to a decent space above the plants. The fan is in a high enough distance from the plants. Any other ideas what it could be from? . . (Silly) QUESTION: Does adding an additional LED (the green Mars Hydro on the left) have a negative affect at all? . The red spectrum has been increased in the @calightworks controller to 79% to drive growth in the Vegging period. . #weed #seeds #Zootly #dutchpassion #stoners #highlife #hightimes #cannabis #marijuana #cannafam #cannacommunity #420 #420daily #growdiaries #growdiary #dagga #dutchpassionseeds #southafrica #gettingstoned #cannabiscommunity . @zootlys_hoot @zootlysmoke @zootlygrow @dutchpassion.official @calightworks @atami_southafrica

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During week five and particularly week six – still veg-period for our feminized babies as we opted not to go for auto-flower seeds, but that’s a whole other article – we saw an unprecedented spurt of growth with the plants we topped and noticed that our untopped babe grew at the very same rate. This was encouraging to see as a part of me believed that the plants we topped would now take longer to heal and get bigger. In terms of watering, by week 6 we are now almost watering through every second day.

Zootly Tip | Check out Zootly’s Hoot on their website and join their Facebook grow group for more tips and advice to keep your plants thriving.

For those of you who aren’t sure what topping is, it’s a technique that involves the removal of the growing tip of your plants. This causes the growing tip to split and form two main kolas instead of one. Topping also promotes the growth of all the lower branches and vegetation. Take a look at the difference between one of our topped and our untopped plant below.

Zootly Tip | When and where do you top your plant? We advise topping from the 5th/6th node. There is no perfect time frame as everyone’s plants may grow at different paces depending on lighting, soil, nutrients and more. If you are using a similar setup like the one Zootly provides, you should be ready to top your 6th nodes during week 4.

Toward the end of week six, when our ladies had gotten buff, we decided to explore a little more and further snipped our plants – even our untopped babe got ‘fimmed.’ What is fimming you ask? Fimming is another technique which encourages bushy growth, increased lateral branching and extra flowering sites through trimming. The technique was developed from people’s mistakes, hence FIM stands for ‘Fuck I Missed!’

Image result for topped vs fimming
Image: Royal Queen Seeds

Zootly Tip | Generally speaking, ‘topping’ is the best technique if you are wanting to manipulate the shape of your plants so that they can absorb more light, and fimming is better for producing more kolas and has a faster recovery time.

We noticed a bit of ‘tightness’ and slight yellowing of the leaves, particularly toward the veins and some yellowing on new growth. We have removed all excess nutrient feed with a thorough rinse. The rinse was to restore balance in our medium and to make sure the issue want that we had too much feed in it. Within 36 hours, the affected plants began to show signs of recovery, but we still have some way to go in terms of getting the nutrient balance right.

Newbie cultivators take note, Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium imbalances are usually the most common, especially when growing in coco coir. We were also advised to begin using store-bought Epsom salt during occasional feeds to promote healthy magnesium in the soil. A calcium-magnesium supplement is also recommended, even if your PH is right. Regarding our lighting at this stage: we’ve increased the red spectrum on our phenomenal Calightworks controller to 79% to drive growth in the vegging period.

During week five we also began LST or low stress training our plants. This involves a variety of techniques in which you gently yet firmly bend, twist or ‘stress’ certain areas of your cannabis plant by hand, mental pin or by using a scrog net in your tent.

Why is this important for indoor cannabis? Well, if left untouched, a cannabis plant usually grows in a kind of Christmas tree shape. This is okay for a plant in nature as the sun will reach every part of the plant equally throughout the day. But the same is not the case for indoor plants under LED lights. By stressing /training your plant, you will encourage horizontal growth, allowing for more light to reach all areas of your plant.

Zootly Tip | All products including; tent, light, pots, soil and nutrients all available to purchase on

Take a look at some highlights from our past two weeks below and follow our grow diary on Instagram@readysetgrowza – for daily and weekly updates. All products in this review can be purchased Follow them of Facebook for more product information and join their Grow Club for exclusive, first-hand growing advice.

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Grow Update | Day 39 🎄 . My babies to the left are being looked after and nursed back to health, both have a nitrogen deficiency that's being attended to as we speak, they're already showing much happier signs. A major issue we found was the pH levels which has also been taken care of going into the next phases. . . Question: scrog net aside, what's the best option for LSTing in fabric pots, what do you use to connect and structure your wire? @bean_bud_beyond did u get any good answers? All help will be greatly appreciated. . . We've been hard at work training them daily and getting them used to the direction we're looking to grow them toward for the arrival of the scrog net. . . Overall. Happy with the growth and the training so far. We FIMed 2 of the plants yesterday which I'll show you in the next update 😍🎄 .. .. #weed #seeds #Zootly #dutchpassion #stoners #highlife #hightimes #cannabis #marijuana #cannafam #cannacommunity #420 #420daily #growdiaries #growdiary #dagga #dutchpassionseeds #southafrica #gettingstoned #cannabiscommunity .. .. @zootlys_hoot @zootlysmoke @zootlygrow

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Grow Update Video | Glueberry OG growth cycle. What do you think? This is up to day 25 🔥🔥🔥 . I had a great time putting together this little growth cycle of my favorite Glueberry OG plant that I'm growing! 💣 . Next update you'll see 2 of the 4 topped plants. The MISS USA & the Glueberry OG. Hoping its going to be an exciting update for you, as it's going to be for me 👊🏼♥️🏆🌱😎👌🏼🍄 . #weed #seeds #Zootly #dutchpassion #stoners #highlife #hightimes #cannabis #marijuana #cannafam #cannacommunity #420 #420daily #growdiaries #growdiary #dagga #dutchpassionseeds #southafrica #gettingstoned #cannabiscommunity @zootlys_hoot @zootlysmoke @zootlygrow @dutchpassion.official @calightworks @atami_southafrica

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