Personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 3 and 4 – Vegetation and Topping

We have seen some incredible growth from our healthy and happy plants. Having experienced growers at our side – Zootly’s informative and sightful team have given us sound advice on everything from feeding, to windburn, topping and more. You can find an abundance of information on their website right here and can even chat to them directly in-store or on their Facebook page and the Zootly Growers Club.

One of the most exciting parts of the grow for me happened during this period, topping. While this happened on Day 26, it was an anxious time to see how they would react and respond but don’t you worry, you’ll exactly have they’ve responded in the next update. (Note: We only topped 2 of the 4 plants for reviewing purposes)

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For those of you who aren’t sure what topping is: Topping involves the removal of the growing tip of your plants. This causes the growing tip to split and form two main kolas instead of one. With multiple topping, it is possible to turn your two heads into four, four into eight, and so on. Not only does topping your plant creates more than one main kola. It also promotes the growth of all the lower branches and vegetation.

Zootly Tip: Airflow in your tent is so important for healthy plants and to ensure mildew and mould don’t occur. While having an oscillating fan (and an extractor fan) in your tent is essential to healthy airflow, be sure to place your fan above your plants and not directly facing them to ensure your green ladies don’t get windburn.

Our last update was Day 14 but by Day 18 pretty much all of the babies were breaching the level of the 20l Zootly Fabric pots and growing rapidly. In this period, we have fought off Nitrogen Deficiency and “clawing” in the leaves – with some swift and immediate solutions from the Zootly team, this got us back on the right track to get the babies boosting at 110% again.

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We mentioned the controller in the previous article but I personally think it’s going to become my best friend throughout this grow. From being able to enhance different light spectrums during various growth cycles, to working around the timer during the load-shedding periods, to VIEW MODE (which is still one of the best features of the controller), I wouldn’t be able to grow without it. The California Lightworks controller really changes the game for you as a beginner grower, although the advanced settings would make even the most advanced growers a little more than excited.

Zootly Tip: Over and underwatering cannabis is the number one cause of a variety of issues, including your soil’s PH balance. Find out PH is so important to healthy cannabis right here.

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Grow Update | Day 22 🌱 . Miss USA (Picture 1) has really started to come into her own! 🔥 It's been great watching her grow. She had a bit of nutrient deficiency showing in her leaves but after flushing her, she's back to her happy self. All four babes have reached their 4th node, happy and healthy. At node 5, we'll be topping them all. @atami_southafrica medium has been a game changer. Our Glueberry OG (Picture 3) took a little bit of wind burn but the fan has been relocated and should be back to normal again soon. . #weed #seeds #Zootly #dutchpassion #stoners #highlife #hightimes #cannabis #marijuana #cannafam #cannacommunity #420 #420daily #growdiaries #growdiary #dagga #dutchpassionseeds #southafrica #gettingstoned #cannabiscommunity . @zootlys_hoot @zootlysmoke @zootlygrow @dutchpassion.official @calightworks

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Grow Update Video | Glueberry OG growth cycle. What do you think? This is up to day 25 🔥🔥🔥 . I had a great time putting together this little growth cycle of my favorite Glueberry OG plant that I'm growing! 💣 . Next update you'll see 2 of the 4 topped plants. The MISS USA & the Glueberry OG. Hoping its going to be an exciting update for you, as it's going to be for me 👊🏼♥️🏆🌱😎👌🏼🍄 . #weed #seeds #Zootly #dutchpassion #stoners #highlife #hightimes #cannabis #marijuana #cannafam #cannacommunity #420 #420daily #growdiaries #growdiary #dagga #dutchpassionseeds #southafrica #gettingstoned #cannabiscommunity @zootlys_hoot @zootlysmoke @zootlygrow @dutchpassion.official @calightworks @atami_southafrica

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Grow Update | Day 28 🌱💣 The babies are growing happily. The two topped plants (Front Left – Miss USA 🇺🇸 and Front Right – Glueberry OG) have started growing back at a rapid pace. . We noticed a bit of 'clawing' in the leaves. We have removed all nute feed and quickly lifted the light to a decent space above the plants. The fan is in a high enough distance from the plants. Any other ideas what it could be from? . . (Silly) QUESTION: Does adding an additional LED (the green Mars Hydro on the left) have a negative affect at all? . The red spectrum has been increased in the @calightworks controller to 79% to drive growth in the Vegging period. . #weed #seeds #Zootly #dutchpassion #stoners #highlife #hightimes #cannabis #marijuana #cannafam #cannacommunity #420 #420daily #growdiaries #growdiary #dagga #dutchpassionseeds #southafrica #gettingstoned #cannabiscommunity . @zootlys_hoot @zootlysmoke @zootlygrow @dutchpassion.official @calightworks @atami_southafrica

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Zootly is the perfect example of a one-stop-outlet where you can find everything you need from the high-end grow lightstentsmediumsnutrients and advice! Read our first two grow reviews below and stay tuned for more updates.

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