Personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 11 & 12 | Mid-Flower and Pistils

Week 9 and 10 were thrilling as we watched our plants begin to show the first signs of buds and we thought it couldn’t get any better but we were wrong, very very wrong. What transpires in just two weeks during the flowering phase is fascinating and we can officially say that this is the most exciting time of our personal cannabis cultivating journey with Zootly – especially under the California Lightworks SolarSystem 550!

The smell coming from inside the tent is a sweet mixture of dense oak and fruity tones – a dank stench that is growing every day…

In the first 8-9 weeks, we covered everything from technical setup and understanding the value of quality lighting to germination, sowing (or skipping that completely) to the importance of airflow, humidity, topping, nutrient imbalances, nutrient lockout all the way through to the start of flowering photoperiod and more which you can read all about right here. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at our experience with the first few weeks of the flowering phase.

Our buds are now developing into hardened and happy nuggets – which is a result of many things from genetics to feed and environment. Our plants, in particular, have fantastic genetics and were given some real TLC during week 12 by adding Atami’s Bloombastic to our nutrient mix.

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With Pre-flower and Flowering well underway, the plant’s stretching has come to an end but the bud development and formation have only begun. Now, the calyx’s are starting to take shape and are sparkling with resin while a thick batch of orange pistils are starting to show. A pistil is the female cannabis plant’s sex organ. It’s a hair that protrudes from a calyx on a female flower and are also known as stigmas. These little hairs can tell you quite a bit about your plant, like when it should be harvested for example.

The development over this period was also in part, thanks to major defoliation and ‘lollipopping’ at the end of week 3 of flowering. This opened up bud spots, allowing more light to reach all parts of the plants in order for the flowers to flourish to their maximum potential.

As always, the Zootly team were on hand to get us ready to use our Atami Bloombastic nutrient during week 5 and 6 of flowering and also advised us that no more trimming would be needed going forward. For the remainder of the flowering period, after the initial defoliation, it is advised to stop trimming leaves as the plants need as much energy as possible to ‘bake’ big buds.

We’ve opted to Atami’s Bloombastic for the rest of our flowering phase. This little sample (available at Zootly) is a high-quality cocktail of bio-minerals and bio-stimulators that is suitable for the last flowering and ripening phase. Bloombastic increases the sugar content of your crop and therefore the weight and the smell which every grower wants and desires.

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Zootly Tip | Just like you won’t sleep better if you take more sleeping tablets, the same can be said for your cannabis plant. Something you might not know is that overfeeding can lead to smaller crop yields, smaller buds, and bad tasting cannabis. Our recommendation is to always check the pH before adding more nutrients. A major sign that you’re being far too liberal with the plant food is the yellowing of new shoots.

Note: yellowing of the oldest leaves is pretty standard at this stage of their lives, think of it as your cannabis’s hair turning grey. Just trim them off, after all, it’s nice to have a pretty plant.

While the Atami Bloombastic isn’t 100% available yet in South Africa, we’ve gone through a full week of samples and had to get our hands on more. We got a direct update from the team that their full range will be in store in South Africa in April.

Since adding Bloombastic to our nutrient mix, we created a small test to see how the development of the buds did with the Bloombastic compared to the Miss USA (which recieved Bloombastic at a later stage) – which now has mutant orange hairs, the growth and bulking of each bud is impressive, and getting denser by the day, and the smell, oh the beautiful smell, but we already mentioned that earlier didn’t we?

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Zootly Tip | If you are in Joburg or Durban, humidity could be a problem for your crop. In the Western Cape, our summers are usually dry (although, global warming has ruined this as a hard and fast rule!). For those with an outdoor crop suffering from mould, you can pick up Copper Count-N Fungicide Solution from our shop. Yeah, the formula is blue and seems a little scary to handle, but it is organic and won’t kill bees. We like bees.

Take a look at some highlights from our past two weeks below and follow our grow diary on Instagram – @readysetgrowza – for daily and weekly updates. All products in this review can be purchased them of Facebook for more product information and join their Grow Club for exclusive, first-hand growing advice.

DAY 72

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DAY 77

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DAY 84

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Grow Update Day 84 | Flowering | Day 34 😍 . Just over 3 and a bit weeks to go until harvest. (Miss USA will be under for another week or so) . This Glueberry OG baby is coming along just fine and loving her @atami_distributor_africa Bloombastic feed over the last 6 days. Can't wait to see how she grows over the final few weeks. . Question: When do you usually use your Ripening Nutrient AND what are you using? . #growingweed #weed #seeds #missusa #zootly #dutchpassion #stoners #highlife #hightimes #cannabis #marijuana #cannafam #cannacommunity #420 #420daily #growdiaries #growdiary #dagga #dutchpassionseeds #southafrica #gettingstoned #insta420 #420community #420life #420photography #420nation #420everyday #420fam #420day @zootly @zootlygrow @zootlys_hoot @atami_southafrica

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