Personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 1: Set up and Germination

Cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 1: Set up and Germination

We’re so excited to announce the beginning of our cultivation journey with Zootly. Kickstarting your own indoor grow system can at times be a challenge, from setup to understanding how to regulate your indoor environment is important – the best way to learn is simply to do, and in the age of information and technology, everything from acquiring the right setup to understanding and solving an issue has never been easier.

Zootly is the perfect example of a one-stop-outlet where you can find everything you need from the high-end grow lights, tents, mediums, nutrients and advice!

Dark Green Leafed Plant

The team at Zootly are passionate about spreading the good marijuana word and even more passionate about personal cultivation. The brand aspires to help its customers become more cannabis literate while providing the very best cannabis-related products on the global market.

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In some instances, cultivating a plant is as easy as putting your seed in good soil, simply adding water and letting it grow – especially with less genetically modified strains which tend to be hardy outdoor plants. But when it comes to cultivating weedlings indoors, especially those with a complex genetic makeup, you’ll find you now have some high-maintenance ladies in your life and that’s why having all the best information on hand is essential for first-time growers.


While I’ve had success growing outdoor weed with little effort, growing indoors is reasonably new to me. What I did know, is that to successfully grow indoors you’ll need the right environment such as to grow tent and a light, Earlier this year, I purchased my first starter kit, a Mars Hydro setup and while I had some success with my first grow, what I found to be more valuable than the tiny little buds I cultivated was everything I learned, from the dire importance of air circulation, and mold to over and underfeeding.

But most importantly I learned a lot about the quality of lighting needed indoors, how all lights are not made equal and how your lighting (along with nutrients and genetics) is essentially the difference between mediocre heads and mother of ganja colas. Determined to do it right this time, I knew I would need a better setup, some good seeds, not clones again (I’m not a pro) and little guidance from those who have been growing indoor weed for some time.


Sunday 1 December 2019: I opted to go for a little more space this time – not necessarily for more plants, but for bigger ones – and chose one ofΒ  Zootly’s Grow Tent Combo’s, which includes the internationally acclaimed California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 grow light and a 1,2m x 1,2m x 2m Zootly Tent.

The SolarSystem 550 is the latest game-changer in the SolarSystem Smart LED Series. With a maximum power of 400 watts, the SolarSystem 550 revolutionizes indoor and greenhouse lighting systems for horticulture. Powerful enough for any size bloom and growth, the SolarSystem 550 LED grow lights eliminate the need to change lightbulbs while also undercutting massive energy usage.

The California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 also features manual mode or digital controller mode. An issue I had with my first grow was remembering to get the light on and off at certain times of the day, so I decided this time round I would splash out on a digital controller and it has been well worth it. You can set up everything from the time your light come on and off, set the spectrum to different seasons, switch to view mode when you are working on your plants and so much more!

Setting up was a breeze and took under 30minutes, including the controller. However understanding every setting the controller has to offer will take some reading time, especially if you’re still learning about spectrums.

ZOOTLY TIP: Besides a tent and light, you will need an extractor fan, an oscillating fan, about 1-2m ducting. Pro tip: If your setup is in a closed room, consider using a dehumidifier in the room. It’s not essential, but it’s a plus. Here’s how you would control your humidity throughout your grow:

VegetationΒ  60 – 70 %
Early Flowering 50 %
Mid Flowering 50 %
Late FloweringΒ  40 %

Monday 2 December 2019: As mentioned previously, my first grow was with clones and this time, I was going for seedlings and ordered x3 Glueberry OG and x1 Miss USA – Zootly was kind enough to assist us with getting this seeds from Dutch Passion Seeds. I also had x1 OG Kush seed that I recieved as a gift a while back.

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While there a few methods to germinating your seed, including soaking it overnight, using cotton pads or peat moss discs, I opted for the old-school way and used Freedom Farms Organic Classic Craft Soil from Zootly in little jiffy pots with a transparent casing placed snuggly over and popped them straight into the tent.

Outdoor germination can take up to two weeks and while germinating your seed in a cotton pad, is cool to watch, it also takes time and the disturbance when potting it. Our seedlings were put into the soil and watered on Monday and by Tuesday all three Glueberry OG’s and the OG Kush had popped and by Thursday morning Miss USA graced us with her presence too. It was now time to pot these ladies (along with their jiffy nursies) into their new 20L Zootly fabric pots.

Miss USA

ZOOTLY TIP: If you’re germinating with cotton, it’s important to use cosmetic cotton pads as they will hold the correct moisture content which is best for seed germination. If using paper towels, cotton wool or tissues you will run a higher risk of your seeds not germinating due to the incorrect moisture content – Read the full method on

That’s a wrap for our first grow diary entree. Stay tuned to MyCityByNight for weekly updates on our personal grow plus all the good advice, tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way. For daily updates head on over to our #growdiary on Instagram (@readysetgrowza) and if you’re looking for some top-notch growing advice, then visit Zootly’s Hoot right here and join their online cannabis club here.

Far left: Miss USA. Bottom right: OG Kush. Centre three: Glueberry OG







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