Personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 1 and 2: Vegging and Grow Time

Personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 1 and 2: Vegging and Grow Time

We’re heading into week three of our personal cultivation journey with Zootly. With their helpful team at our side, it’s been an even easier experience than expected. Good genetics (amongst a variety o0f other factors) is key to a good harvest and our growth is a testament to that plus all the good advice we’ve been receiving from Zootly’s page and team.

Over the past two weeks, The Glueberry OG seeds from Dutch Passion have really sprung to life under our glorious California Lightworks SolarSystem 550. The Miss USA took a little bit longer as we had heatstroke complications, a mistake on our part – but the little lady has officially started showing signs of strong, consistent growth.

We planted the seedlings with their germination jiffy pellets straight into our 20l Zootly fabric pots. Something we’ve been personally excited to do more than anything. The fact that these ladies had so much space for their roots to grow from the start has proven to be beneficial.

Some may prefer to plant their newly germinated seedlings into a smaller pot before their growing final space in order to better control watering and feeding – essentially there’s no right way but if you do choose to plant your newly germinated seeds straight into a big pot, be sure not to overwater them! Since we’ve moved them, the growth has been unparalleled, which you’ll see below in our day-to-day updated on Instagram.

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One of the biggest game-changers about this whole journey is our light controller. The California Lightworks Solar system 550 comes with a controller that allows you to fully customise the light display and spectrum to suit your growing life cycle. We have manually set ours up to accommodate a 20 hour on, 4 hours off cycle. The light spectrum has been carefully tweaked on the controller for this stage of the vegging period with the red spectrum dropped down to 50%.

We got ourselves a mix of Freedom Farm soils and Atami Coco Substrate, personally, I would go ALL Atami if I could but that’s already locked down for our next grow. If you carry on scrolling you’ll see our visual updates from day 3 to day 14. Feel free to leave us any tips, feedback or comments on our set up and vegging ladies.

Zootly Tip: Over and underwatering cannabis is the number one cause of a variety of issues, including your soil’s PH balance. Find out PH is so important to healthy cannabis right here.

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Grow Update | Day 14 🌱 🌱 🌱 . . Two weeks since the babies have gone under the @calightworks SolarSystem 550 and the growth is unparalleled! Happy and Healthy ladies, Glueberry OG (Picture 2, 3 & 4) & Miss USA (Picture 5) seeds. . . FEATURE HIGHLIGHT: The @calightworks SolarSystem Controller has a nifty "View Mode" setting that switches to a natural white light for working in your tent or inspecting your plants. . We've started the @biobizzwwo (Bio-grow) nutrient treatment earlier this week and they'll be moving onto a new light spectrum as of next week  @zootlysmoke  @zootlys_hoot  @zootlygrow  @dutchpassion.official . #growdiary #growdiaries #dutchpassion #stoners #highlife #hightimes #cannabis #marijuana #cannafam #cannacommunity #420 #420daily #dagga #dutchpassionseeds #Zootly #readysetgrow #

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That’s a wrap for our second grow diary entree. Stay tuned to MyCityByNight for weekly updates on our personal grow plus all the good advice, tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way. For daily updates head on over to our #growdiary on Instagram (@readysetgrowza) and if you’re looking for some top-notch growing advice, then visit Zootly’s Hoot right here and join their online cannabis club here.

Zootly is the perfect example of a one-stop-outlet where you can find everything you need from the high-end grow lightstentsmediumsnutrients and advice!

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Personal cannabis cultivating with Zootly | Week 1: Set up and Germination

Related | Follow our grow diary on Instagram – @readysetgrowza – for daily updates.








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