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MyCityByNight had been looking forward to an afternoon in the sun with Peroni from the moment that they sent through the invite to us, having already experienced the awesomeness of a Peroni Yacht cruise a few months back. However, this time they went all out…

Kreg and I arrived at the VnA Waterfront accompanied by the uber hot Stacey Norman and her linguistically gifted friend Adeline Levescot to be greeted by rather nautical-looking Peroni support staff (i like to call them that because it sounds fancy and official). As we made our way down to the dock we noticed that there was not one but SEVEN yachts all decked out in Peroni branding.

Once we had made our way past the Ferraris, Maserattis and Vespas we finally cracked our first beer of the day and made our way onto our assigned yacht. Peroni had been rather brilliant in their selection of guests for this event, mixing those with a voice in media (radio, tv, print & online) with a light sprinkling of celeb. Once we had obtained our second beer for the day, we learnt that we were on  going to be on the same boat as the boys from Locnville who have been tearing things up around the globe- we were amped to catch up and see how things have been since last we chatted to them- keep your eyes peeled for that follow-up interview.

Finally after waiting for everyone to arrive and mount the boats (wait, mount isn’t the right term) the announcer signaled the start of our 7 yacht cruise around the Cape Coast with the rather ambiguous words ” Let’s cut those lines and start living La Dolce Vita”- aaah well this was a yacht and we were in Cape Town I guess… sniff sniff. As we sailed out of the harbour I could feel the envious stares of onlookers gazing upon the awesomeness that was unfolding right in front of their eyes.

While cruising towards Camps Bay, we were treated to the absolutely epic views that we are blessed with here in Cape Town and as I looked back at the fleet of Peroni yachts, I really began to feel special. I could do this… yachts, mooiness, sun and Peroni- could this be any more Dolce Vita? (sweet life, for those who dont know). After about 20 minutes we anchored in Camps Bay and proceeded to do a little bit of boat hopping (made possible by little rubber duckies) to make sure that we got the full experience of the event. The difference between the boats was fairly interesting to note, with some of them decked out in the finest wood and carpeting that I had seen since the last 70’s porno that I watched. Some boats had live dj’s while others instead had mooiness- it was up to you where you most wanted to be after getting to Camps Bay. By doing this we also all got the chance to mingle a little bit and we even bumped into Nash from BangersandNash (LifeisSavage- sorry we missed you dude the drunken haze must have prevented us from finding you).

The food on the boats were rather yummy and everything that we ate was rather avant-garde and colourful- it felt like we were posh millionaires with 11 tv’s in our toilets at home. As is the nature with most boat trips there were one or two peeps that struggled with being on the water for an extended period of time, proceeding to get a touch sea-sick. By no means was anybody projectiling over the side of the boat, but this was in great part due to good work of the promo-company handling the event and Peroni who made sure that there was a good supply of sound advice around how to overcome sea-sickness and over enough medication. Guess not everyone has their sea legs- unlike me, who developed my sea legs during a brief stint as a Somali pirate.

On the way back we were escorted to the dock by a Peroni helicopter that shot us lounging in the sun and loving life- it honestly felt like I was on the set of a Bond movie. Once we had arrived back in the VnA Waterfront we were treated to a live performance, more beer, AMAZING icecream and expresso.

It was a brilliant day out, organised with the utmost level of professionalism, without ever feeling like people around you were hurrying around to make sure that everything was right- exactly how it should be. Other brands out there should definitely catch a wake-up and start delivering quality events and productions like Peroni.

Once again we have to drop special thanks to Angelique and Aiden from Peroni, you guys completely rock- it was very nice of you to invite us back even though we had 21 beers each and ate most of your food 🙂

Here’s to living the Peroni Lifestyle!

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    1. lovely meeting you too Jasna. Looking forward to the next one. Hope they invite us again *hint hint*

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