Peroni Cafe at The Grand- A little booze cruise to end our week

Last week Friday MyCityByNight was invited to go and check out the Peroni Café at The Grand in Cape Town. It had been a rather tough week back at the grindstone and was as if this invitation had been sent by the god’s themselves.

Kreg and I arrived at the stunning setting of The Grand Café in Moullie Point where the Peroni Café had been set up complete with a beach and waterspritzers, which considering the heat wave we had been experiencing in Cape Town, were more refreshing than a splash of cologne after a 3 day trance party.

We were greeted by some of the fittest (and for once, brightest) promo girls, dressed in what can only be described as yummy Peroni dresses and we received the run down of the evening’s precedings. Basically, all that the Italian beer brand had tasked us with was enjoying the sun, unwinding from a tough week at work and enjoying the lovely sunset cruise that they they had organised. To make the transition into the weekend a touch easier they made sure MCBN was well lubricated with by providing us with draft upon draft of fantastic Italian Peroni beer. Tough life.

While at the Grand Cafe we were treated to some silky beats from the masters of mix like the uncomparable Craig de Souza- I have to admit its been a while since we’ve heard that uniquely Cape Town summer funky house from the early 2000’s. After we were rounded up by the super mooiness and uber friendly promo girls, we set sail around the Cape Coastline. The food was epic, the company there was awesome (Shout out to Liezel van der Westhuizen and Katlego Maboe) and I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed living the Peroni lifestyle, if only for that afternoon.

After the sun had set we were treated to a fashion show- featuring the likes of Fabiani and clothes from the Grand, which were all rather befitting of a lady under who enjoys the Nastro Azzurro way of life. The girls models (boys and girls) were super mooiness, while the clothes shone with timeless elegance… I must say a great evening was had by all!

It was one of the most picturesque sunsets I’ve seen in a while an Peroni have done a sterling job of promoting a lifestyle that we all can aspire to. A massive thanks goes out to them! We hope to be back soon *nudge nudge, wink wink*

Here is a full photo gallery to make you extra jealous 🙂

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      1. Kreg was spading hard- the mooiness was totally enthralled by his ginger wit 🙂

        Truely epic evening though- more of the same please… Maybe this time let the Alumni join in too?! 😉

  1. Can I get invited to your parties please, I’m a peroni fan dedicated to peroni like crazy together with my friends

    1. Vuyo unfortunately this is over – follow peroni on Facebook and keep up to date with more competitions and events that they might be doing.

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