Periodic Table of Hip-Hop

Periodic Table of Hip-Hop Small

I love people with time on their hands and that are just clever little monkey’s.

Laid out in the image of a periodic table, each chemical symbol is designated an artist and unique elemental representation in letters. tabular arrangement of eminent MCs catalogues 223 naturally occurring, never-word-slurring artists in all, from N(as) and (Dr) Dre to (Mf) Doom and (A$)AP Rocky to (D)rake and Snoop D-O-(gg). Featuring color-coded labels indicating their favored genres–with special indicators for originators of a style–each MC has been meticulously hand-illustrated and assigned an appropriate chemical symbol, along with notations for debut year and geographic area of origin.


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Periodic Tabe Of Hip-Hop
Periodic Table of Hip-Hop.

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