Pepsi Vending Machine exchanges “likes” for Pepsi


Normally brands use fairly boring ways of getting consumers to sample their latest creations like having teenage girls handing out samples at robots or whatever. This isn’t the case with the brand new Pepsi ‘Like Machine’, which is a vending machine that dispenses a “free” Pepsi in exchange for a Facebook “like”. The soda brand partnered with TBWA Belgium and rolled out the unique sampling unit at a Beyoncé concert in Antwerp, Belgium to a massive response from the pop icon’s fans.

You can use your smartphone to enter, connect with your Facebook account, like the Pepsi Facebook page and get a free Pepsi dispensed to you straight away. If you’re without a trusty smartphone, you can also use the 42″ built-in touchscreen to log into your Facebook account and complete the process. What’s great about this particular sampling mechanic has to be the fact that you’re building a solid database that you can get real-time feedback from with every single like as well as keeping track of how much each like has cost you (in terms of soda cans).

Pretty rad.

via TBWA Belgium

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