Pepsi Max brings you the first ever Human Loop the Loop

pepsi max human loop the loop

Pepsi Max has thrown some cash into stunt man, Damian Walters’ effort to pull off the first ever successful Human Loop the Loop. By providing the loop, working out the math, filming the progress and spending a bucket-load on digital media they managed to create a campaign that doesn’t feel like it’s advertising. We’re seeing more and more advertising of this nature cropping up in a world where it is difficult to differentiate between brands based on their product offering alone and to be honest it is quite refreshing.

Strangely enough, this is the first ever time that someone has attempted to do a human loop the loop and judging by the video below, it wasn’t as easy as you thought it would be when you were discussing its possibility over a few pints with the boys (let’s be honest, most of the women out there would just think attempting or even discussing a human loop the loop is a complete waste of time). After a few tries Damien Walters works out that the magic number to reach at the top of the loop the loop to ensure that he doesn’t fall on his head is 8.5 MPH. The end result isn’t exactly as spectacular as someone doing the same thing on a bike, but you have admire his tenacity and skill for pulling off this feat for the first time ever.

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