Peddlars on the Bend…er

On Saturday night Kreg and I decided to meet up with Richie Rich, Onaj and Brad for a bit of a bender at the recently renovated Peddlars on the Bend in Constantia (jes-witha-Z joined us later too).


It was something we’d been looking forward to for ages and knew that when left to Richie to most generously and efficiently organise, it was definitely going to be a night to remember.

The evening started off with us sitting in the outside section watching Chelsea get thumped by Tottenham Hotspur (for you Kreg, hehe). It was a little bit chilly, even with the heaters switched on and Kreg was a little bit angry, so we drank. Nobody really got crazy with our first couple of rounds as none of us wanted to approach the task of spending a fairly large voucher at the revamped Peddlars too aggressively (basically we wanted to be standing at the end of the night… or alternatively lying down som… ah you get the picture).

A couple of rounds of drinks later and the hunger had begun to kick in… Thankfully, our waitron (so politically correct) eventually decided to come back to her incredibly well-behaved table and provide us with menus to make our choices from (basically a subtle way of saying she was KAK). Regardless of this fact we were pretty amped to try out some of the yummy on offer- I considered the prospect of eating a burger with Cumberland sauce (trust me we spent at least 20 minutes debating the value of eating anything with Cumberland sauce in it- thus cleary exposing our ignorance of what this condiment actually comprised of).

Everyone EVENTUALLY made their choices and this is some of what we were fortunate enough to bless our belly’s with (NOTE THE EXTRA CRISPY ONION RINGS!!! Boooom! MyCityByNight special).




We even had dessert… TWICE. All in all the food was quite mystical and we would definitely recommend Peddlars on the Bend for a superb vibe and awesome munch- we just wouldn’t recommend our waitron… even to Hitler…

 Just a word of advice… be careful of the EEL 😉


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  1. Blair, I honestly had the most delicious meal I have had in a long time over at Peddlars, was truly spectacular! Lamb Cutlets for the win…

  2. @kreg dude i love lamb to bits!!!

    @Ricky is the last pic ur burger?? that thing looks Fooking amazing.. Im getting hungry just looking at it!

  3. @Blair: Nope, that was the steak, dont know why Kenny hasn't put his pictures up of his burger, was HUGE! review of Five Flies coming soon! 🙂

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