PEACHY KEEN ‘Backseat Bingo’ EP Launch – 11 May 2012

Of late I’ve been expanding my musical horizons to include the likes of more alternative acts like Peachy Keen. On the 11th of May, Cape Town rock-a-billy band, PEACHY KEEN, will launch their first EP, BACKSEAT BINGO. The EP was recorded at Cedric Samsonʼs Tree House Studios in Hout Bay with Samson at the helm of production. Peachy Keen released their first single and music video for Shot A Man Down in March and have since then making a bit of a name for themselves in the local scene.

“The EP was inspired by mostly a combination of life experiences, various musical influences and our fans.”

ʻBackseat Bingoʼ is a 50ʼs slang term for fooling around in the backseat of a car (you know!) and the brainchild of Peachy Keen for the title of the EP. The term can also be associated with their rock-a-billy roots and their love of all things 50ʼs. Peachy Keen believe that the EP is a truthful representation of what they are about, writing and performing good music and having fun.

“And most importantly, it is an acceptable way of saying something that is essentially dirty and we like that.”

– Peachy Keen on choosing the name ʻBackseat Bingoʼ as title of their EP.

Peachy Keen have been touring their rock-a-billy sound across the country for the better part of a year and throughout this time, song writing was an ongoing and enjoyable process for the band. Backseat Bingo is a taste of things to come. Peachy Keen have plans to record a full length album in 2012 and have also just signed to Sheer Music- so we’re all expecting some good things.


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