Paul Oakenfold in Cape Town- our take

@mosphere- not spelt with an "A"

We’d been looking forward to the night for quite a while and we started off the celebrating Craig’s birthday with a drink or two at his place after which the entire crew(which included all of the usual suspects) made their way through to @mosphere at around 10.

Raves... very serious affairs

The night started off with a little bit of a niggle with the issuing of our press passes, luckily though- none of the competition ticket winners had a problem on the night. I am very glad to say that this was the only thing remotely wrong with the night in general.

Nuwave did incredibly well with the speed of entrance to the venue, security, sound and of course dj’s. Each dj brought their a-game with everyone from Chris Jack to Roger Goode playing absolutely cracking sets before the legend stepped up. 

Kreg & the Oakenfold press pass
Kreg & the Oakenfold press pass

The crowd was a mixture of old school trance fans from the early days of rave and younger people who had obviously learnt about the brilliance of Paul Oakenfold over the years that he has been destroying dance floors across the world. We all lapped up the PLUR (peace, love, unity and respect) vibe that was flowing through the club and had a good old rave.

Now onto the man himself- Paul Oakenfold…

Anyone that knows me, will be aware of the fact that I am probably one of the biggest Oakey fans on planet earth, so you might think that my review of his set would be a little bit biased- but I can assure you that every single person that was there on Friday to witness it, would understand exactly why this man is so legendary (apart from one or two small mixing blips). He started his set off in a typically epic fashion with a huge build up, from which he immediately took the crowd on a spectacular musical journey.


Oakey played one the harder and more driving sets that I have ever heard from him and then mixed it up with one or two old school classics including the unbelievable 3drives Carrera from around 1999, which got the whole club rocking with hands up in the air (vids up later- & you will cry when you see these!). Paul Oakenfold even dropped the legendary Southern Sun and a ridiculously good Perfecto mix of Kings of Leon’s Sex is Fire track, which literally had everyone in the entire club singing along. In typical Oakey style he had total control over the crowd- occasionally glanced at a clubber who he thought was going appropriately mental and giving him a nod of appreciation- OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!! I think I started about 4 Oakey chants in total on the night (woohoo!)

 Kreg & Ricky Bynight at Oakenfold

All in all Kreg, the lucky winners and I had an unbelievable time and I can confidently say that- Paul Oakenfold on the 7th of May 2010 was the best rave I have ever been to in my long and illustrious career as a raver (and I’ve seen em all)  🙂
Ricky Bynight, James G & Karel going nuts during Oakenfold's set

Big up to EVERYONE that was there on the night and of course Nuwave– if we are to believe what they had to say in our chats with them thus far, this isn’t the last time you will be seeing quality of Paul Oakenfold’s in Cape Town this year. EXCITING!

MyCityByNight *hearts* Paul Oakenfold!

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  1. So Jealous!

    Looks mad. Saw a video from a mate of club during his set. looked like absolute madness!

  2. HAD SO MUCH FUN MR RICKYBYNIGHT!!i heart the MCBN crew, what rockstars. whens the next one? haha….

  3. @Bass: I couldnt agree more, havent had that much fun in a while!

    @Abbey: Glad your first rave was a good one, next up we have Calvertron and A1 Bassline… and we going to beats rave HAAAAARD!

    We will be awaiting the news from NuWave of which international DJ they will be bringing next, look forward to another event by NuWave, very well done!

  4. That was great… like really great. literally didnt dance just jumped up and down for about 8 hours. then tried to hijack about 6 unsuspecting randoms on four different occasions at engen one stop at 4am, but thats another story. id def rave again!

  5. @abbey- haha, thanks for the compliment!!! I'm glad you had a ripper 🙂 stroob- you were brilliant on the night- brought back memories of the good old days from like a decade ago!!! Can't wait for the next big one- I really have to put up the videos, they're emotional!!!

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