Patron Silver Launch Cape Town

Last week Thursday MyCityByNight was invited to the Cape Town launch of Patron Silver. We’re rather fond of one the world’s most prestigious and premium tequilas and were completely taken aback when we received the call from the lovely people at Splash PR to let us know that we would be joining a list of equally premium individuals from the SA celebrity pages… They must not have known how much we can drink.

The event itself was held in a penthouse in the Elkay House building in the city centre- Loop Street to be exact. It was fairly epic- with amazing views of the city, a pool, a deck and multiple levels of awesome, this was definitely a spot that I envisaged filled with mooiness and plenty of booze. Luckily- my future reading skills were spot on and after I climbed all 94 million stairs to get there (the lifts were broken when I arrived), I was greeted with a freshly made Patron Silver beverage and some dude taking pictures. I wiped the perspiration from my face and lapped up the camera action- how rock star.

The first thing that caught my eye… after Gina Athens… was the massive Patron Silver Ice Sculpture bar shooter thingy that had been commissioned for the night. Guests that were up for it, were required to kneel at the front of the ice bar and slam a shot of Patron Silver that had passed through the sculpture via a tube- cooling it in the process. It wasn’t long before half the mooiness in the room were on their knees- and I hadn’t even taken my pants off yet. Other than that there were more than enough bars set up (another of which being completely made out of ice) to keep people wet- I mean hydrated throughout the night.

The crowd for the night was fairly stellar and for once peeps were actually having a bit of a laugh with each other instead of doing the usual “look at me, I’ve only eaten a carrot today thing”. Guests on the night included and eNews personalities Tanya Nefdt and Derek van Dam, the cast of the international reality TV show, Clifton Shores (I have to say, they looked shmokin hot), Gina Athens (ahem, mooiness!), Top Billing presenter Aidan Bennetts, Muay Thai world champion Quentin Chong, the legendary Herschelle Gibbs (you still owe us an interview) as well as my blogger alumni Jasna Zellerhoff and Clayton Morar.

The choice of music for the night was also nothing short of amazing- Crazy White Boy, Milkshake and MCBN’s close mates, Goodluck kept everyone grooving and partying away. I got well loose off the Patron Silver Margaritas etc and went for a bit of a stroll around the building landing up at another Penthouse (still being completed) which was used as an alternative toilet (not the actual apartment but the toilet in the apartment)… I wanted it.

Anyways… I have to give a huge shout to the team behind putting this event together… Splash PR- it was very well run and everyone at the venue was super friendly, making sure that we were all having a whale of a time. That was one night out on the town that took the idea of VIP to the next level. Swing me another Patron Silver- I’m not feeling swank enough 🙂

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  1. Lol I didn’t see any of the people you spoke, must of been ‘tron going straight to my head after that epic mission up the stairs irie night, Kimberley hotel FTW

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