PASTE in Cape Town

PASTE was a street art exhibition curated by Shani Judes of SJ ARTISTS and Between 10and5 .Inspired by the recent Inside Out Project, 15 local artists were selected to design, illustrate or photograph work around the theme of Khayelitsha Culture. These works were turned into large scale wheat pastes and were pasted around Khayelitsha and within nooks and crannies of the inner city of The Mother City Cape Town.

It was quite a cool initiative and I saw a couple of the works on walls on the way home and while cruising around being awesome. Looks like they achieved their aim to take the exhibition out of the gallery space and into the streets of both city and township- spreading the art into the different cultures and allowing the greater community access.

Check out this little after-vid put together from the exhibition with the hope that it’ll get some sponsors interested in making it happen in all the other townships around SA.

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